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Google Analytics is Adding a New Home Page

Google has announced its plans to provide Google Analytics users a new landing page post login.

The new post-login landing page replaces Audience Overview and offers a snapshot of curated data from several reports.

Now, the users can see a curated set of data from different reports, including real-time data, traffic sources, user location, devices used to visit your website and so forth on the new home page / landing page of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

In its quest to deliver personalized data insights and experiences, Google analytics have tried to make few customization such as — users with goals or e-commerce will see a different home page than those without. “Home” is automatically configured based on your setup:

For example, if you have Goals or Ecommerce, you’ll see the page change accordingly.

Google Analytics

The users can now leverage the side bar options to filter the data base on the date filter like “last 7 days” and “last 30 days” — on the front itself.

Earlier one had to deep dive inside to get such details.

You must be asking – where is my standard Audience Overview report, which showcased metrics like sessions, unique users, page views and pages per visit (among other data points).

Don’t worry.

You can still access them by clicking the Audience tab in Google Analytics’ menu.

Discover the New Page ‘Discover’

For the curious minds, Google analytics has created a separate page titled ‘Discover’.

This page will cover all latest enhancements on Google Analytics experience.

Aptly titled ‘Discover’, this page has many relevant components which can be extremely useful for getting deeper web traffic insights.

Digital Marketing Pioneer

Few of the important ones are Google Analytics mobile app, helpful features like Custom Alerts, or even useful educational materials from the Analytics Academy.

You can find this new ‘Discover’ link just next to the Admin link at the bottom of your left navigation.

According to Google’s launch plans, this new home page/landing page post login should be rolled out to all users within next few weeks.

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