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Hi, I’m Nitin Malik
a Content Ninza

With 20 years of experience in 'B2B SaaS/Tech Marketing' domain, I have developed expertise in various areas including Go-to-Market Strategy, Product Marketing, Lead Gen, Content Marketing, and Marketing Communications working with large MNCs, Creative Agencies, Mid-size and Start-up Enterprises.


What I'm Really Good At

Go-to-Market Strategy

Proven track record of developing and executing high-impact go-to-market (GTM) strategies that drive market penetration and accelerate revenue growth within the B2B landscape globally.

Lead Gen & Conversion

Develop and implement data-driven lead gen strategies to drive customer acquisition via inbound marketing (SEO, Social, Content Marketing) and outbound marketing channels (Paid Ads, Cold emailing).

Brand Storytelling

Drive brand awareness and positioning in the market, ensuring a consistent and compelling brand message by shaping content & creatives to build & implement performance & brand campaigns.

Sales Enablement

Equip sales team with persuasive product messaging; collaborate with sales to ensure they have the necessary messaging to close business effectively while ensuring efficient demand generation operations.

Lead Nurturing

Develop and nurture lead nurturing campaigns across email and LinkedIn platforms to generate and convert leads into qualified opportunities for the sales team by clearly defining the ideal customer profile and segmenting leads.

Annual Budgeting

Prepare annual budgets aligned with business objectives, manage expenditures, meticulously track spending, pinpointing areas for optimization and take corrective actions for maximum ROI.

Marketing Automation

Manage and deliver the marketing automation stack to help support marketing and customer acquisition efforts.

Marketing Collateral

Conceptualize and develop the marketing collaterals like pitch decks, case studies, brochures, blogs, podcast, e-books, for multiple platforms.

Performance Monitoring

Establish KPIs and regular reporting mechanisms to assess the effectiveness of our go-to-market strategies. Use data to improve these strategies.

20+ Years of Experience

My Professional Journey

What Peoples Say About Nitin Malik


Doreen DeRose

Results-Driven Marketing Professional

Nitin is a very talented and hard working marketing professional. His attention to detail and drive to produce high quality work combined with his friendly nature and positive attitude makes Nitin a valuable asset to have on one's team.

Suvidha Chawla

Program Manager/Product Manager/Skilled Agile PM

Nitin being in creative field was no doubt very creative ,The one thing he always has stressed on is constant improvement and that has lead him to be really far away in his career from being a fresher to now. Other than his job he keeps on working on his vested interests which is really great and only keeps him going. And yes he is an honest person with simple living and high thinking. Good Luck..

Ramchandran Swam

Experienced Program/Delivery Mgr | Agile methodology and AI prompt engineer

Nitin is a exceptional creative writer. Highly skilled and effective innovative ways in putting/presenting content in a nice user friendly way. He has a good understanding of the domain, good analytical ability to understand the project requirement and excellent solution provider for content management. He indeed is a content specialist. Keep up the good work. All the Best!

Mohit Tyagi

Assistant Manager - Digital Marketing at Digital Aladin

Nitin Malik is a world-class SEO expert. He makes sure deadlines are met and his clients are satisfied. If you are looking for SEO expert, I recommend Nitin Malik for SEO consulting .

Ravneet M.

Commercial Photographer and Fine Artist

I have worked with Nitin for almost two years. He has been a great contributor to both the Internal and External marketing effort for both Navisite and America's Job Exchange. He is innovative, precise and asks the right questions. Always ready to help and provide input, he shares camaraderie with all his colleagues. Nitin is also a fabulous writer. The best thing about reading his work is that you get lost in the world he creates. There is so much detail, every little nuance is taken care of and it's his imagination that at times that makes more sense than reality. Wishing him the best of luck and success in the present and the future!

Ambika Sharma

Founder & CEO - Pulp Strategy

I have had the opportunity to work with nitin as a Collegue and as an independent service provider for my agency. I appreciate his knowledge, expertise and his professional approach to all work. He has been dependable and ROI oriented. I recommend him often and he has never let me down.

David Simpper

Manager - Marketing, Tumble N Dry

We launched a competitor campaign bidding on our competitor’s branded search terms. We started getting good conversions. By effectively managing the campaign, the Cost Per Click was reduced to only $2.20 from $14.56 and Cost Per Acquisition to $8.45 from $34.84. And credit for all this goes to Nitin. Thanks Nitin.

Jatinder Dhingra

Founder and CEO - Jegson Group

Frankly, Nitin has surprised me with his knowledge, command, and clarity on many things beyond SEO. Actually, I like intellectuals who perform beyond their natural expectancy. I am very happy with the results I have got and Nitin has really helped me grow my business online. I recommend him strongly.

Amber Hoege

Marketing Lead - Levvel

First and foremost, Nitin's SEO and PPC work has translated into meaningful visibility and lead generation at lower cost per lead. And deliverables aside, Nitin is consistently accommodating, flexible, responsive, and diligent. It really feels like we're working with a partner. I would be happy to recommend Nitin to anyone.

Amit Garg

Director - Optomech Engineers

Nitin Malik has helped turn our SEO around and we are finally seeing positive results. He serves as an extension to our digital marketing team and have been really satisfied with the quality of his work. Now, we have hired him for email marketing and other lead gen initiatives. I would happily recommend Nitin.

James Furtado

Marketing Head - Ontrix

Nitin is an extension of our marketing team and has assisted in development, tracking and analysis in our digital campaigns that have yielded very good return on investment. Working with Nitin to support our organic and paid social media activity has extended the marketing activities we are able to achieve. Thanks Nitin.

Deepika Modi

Founder & CEO - Digital Wisdom

Nitin helped us on Google Ads for our agency clients. He was instrumental in raising the conversions by 23%. In comparing the first month of running the six ad groups to the month before, the CTR increased from 2.41% to 3.89%, and the CPC decreased from $3.24 to $2.17. Just amazing. Thanks a ton, Nitin.


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