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10 Ultimate Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without


Are you using any content marketing tools?

If not, then you should start using one.

Content marketing tools are must to make your content marketing strategy work in true sense.

It doesn’t matter if your content marketing has just started or it’s in place for some time, you shouldn’t miss on the advanced content marketing tools to take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

Think about it.

Content is at the heart of your marketing.

If you can manage your content in effective manner by using automated content marketing tools, that can be detrimental to your success.

Content Marketing

These content marketing tools can help you not only to accomplish your day to day content related tasks efficiently but also enable you to achieve your content marketing objectives.

Cutting the long story short, here is a list of the 10 ultimate content marketing tools you need to elevate your content marketing.

10 Ultimate Content Marketing Tools


Content Marketing Tools



If there’s one thing that is continuing since a long time: it has to be word of mouth or recommendation.

We all take our peers recommendations pretty seriously, don’t we?

And why not!

If I know my peer has used a tool and it benefited him I would surely try my hands on it too.

Outbrain is one of those tool that helps you push your content across multiple publishers.

Outbrain claims itself to be the world’s largest content marketplace and these mentions on social prove the claims to be true!

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Besides, it helps you promote your content on much hyped websites like The Guardian, The Telegraph, and Sky News to reach the most relevant people!

In addition, you can promote your content on the web’s largest publisher sites, including CNN, TIME and thousands more, through their content discovery platform.

Meanwhile, Outbrain also helps in the amplification of content irrespective of how small or big your business is.

Furthermore, you can reach an engaged audience through their flexible, pay-per-click model and grow traffic to your articles, blog, and your mobile-optimized or video content.

Key features:

  • Optimization of content
  • Building long-term connection with the target audience/readers.
  • Delivering higher revenues.
  • Increase in engagement such as social shares, re-posts, conversation and clicks.

Coming to their pricing, Outbrain comes with a flexible pay-per-click model.

So, pay only when you get clicks on your content.

With Outbrain collaborating with Zemanta, it gets even easier to scale native campaigns through their Autopilot feature.

In fact, it works like an airplane autopilot—it can handle campaign flight launches, optimizations, and landing mode all automatically.

Moreover, you can integrate it with google analytics too.

No doubt you don’t want to go MIA on such an outstanding tool, try it right now.


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Remember how I told you about maintaining a editorial content calendar for a always win content marketing strategy.

Here, I tell you a tool which helps you with the acceleration of your editorial calendar.

ClearVoice connects brands with technology and freelancers to create content that resonates. Plan, hire, manage, distribute – consistently and at scale.

In my opinion, it’s an entire content ecosystem, from discovery tools to a creator marketplace and tools to streamline your production workflow.

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Also, it helps you push content directly to your content management system with their accessible API, be it WordPress, Hubspot or any other CMS.

Besides, you can generate fantastic content ideas, build your team of subject-matter experts and creatives, and build your editorial calendar seamlessly with ClearVoice.

First and foremost, they have divided their product broadly into three categories:


  • Maximize ROI from better content creation of articles,blogs, e-books, campaigns etc.
  • Pitch influencers that best fits your content niche.
  • Streamlining content workflow.
  • Elimination freelancers invoice, taxes etc..basically making the process hassle-free.

Starting at $249 /mo


  • Catapult your content services for your clients.
  • Reduction in content creation time by over 30%
  • Enjoy easy workflow for unlimited clients.

Starting at $499 /mo


  • Custom solutions according to your requirements.
  • Creation and management of content.
  • Distribution of content.

Starting at $1,499 /mo


Your Content Marketing with Modern Tools like Machine Learning

Above all, Contently comes with a plethora of features adding extra value to your content marketing efforts.

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The creators of contently believes in ‘storytelling’.

What you get with Contently:

  • Data-driven insights and machine learning to inform and improve every stage of the content lifecycle.
  • A global network of curated talent, available on demand.
  • Practical, proven expertise from the market leaders.

Also, they offer a content measurement tool named ‘Docalytics’ (What a cool name, right?) that provides you with content engagement insights of how many eyeballs your content is grabbing out there.

It gives you even the minute details like views, time spent by a user on the page, what the user is copying or clicking and much more.

Moreover, Contently discovers the most engaging part of your content and helps you insert a form exactly there so that you don’t miss on gathering fresh leads.

Not only this, contently is one of the tool that also helps you find freelance resources that way you don’t sacrifice on having original content anywhere anytime.

So, your can click here to get started.

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Experts in Scalable And Sustainable Content marketing.

Skyword spread your content around the world.

Not only does it make your content reach the target but also it helps in engagement and conversion.

At the same time, Skyword enables you to find out right set of freelance writers and content writers by helping you post a job and hire the right one.

Furthermore, it offers a centralized content calendar to deliver unified content messaging across paid, owned, and earned channels.

Social media Content Marketing

If video is one of the important part of how your convey your content out in the world, then skyword is ‘the tool’ for you.

Skyword provides an altogether different platform for publishing your videos that moves people.

The best thing is – Skyword empowers you to implement your content marketing strategy from the first phase of hiring a talented content writer to the last stage of building an audience through sustained publishing of original content.

Go ahead and supercharge your content marketing efforts with this simple tool.

You can request a demo here.

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Start curating, planning and measuring your content’s impact

Are you looking for a content marketing software and a content curation software?

Curata is the ONE!

Curata is designed specifically for B2B marketers to drive leads and revenue from content.

Content Marketing Modern Tools

It covers everything from content curation to how many social shares your content got to how many pipelines you touched and to grow leads and revenue with content marketing.

You can easily create custom editorial calendar and workflow to optimize content planning and creation; and leverage analytics to learn what works and what doesn’t. Use their email correspondence intelligently assigned to appropriate projects

Not only this, you get insights and customized reports according to your specific content marketing goals.

Leverage Curata’s content curation software (Curata CCS) to:

  • Discover the best content across the internet for a particular audience
  • Easily organize and contextualize content with just a few clicks
  • Publish and promote content through integration with marketing automation applications, content management systems, and social media channels

This is one of my favorite content marketing tool. You can book a demo now.


Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Tips

Let your content marketing get high on steroids.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C marketer, publishthis helps your content reach masses.

PublishThis helps businesses produce better content more often for the web, email, & social so they can achieve content marketing & digital publishing goals.

Utilizing proprietary semantic search technology, PublishThis enables businesses to engage customers, automate content marketing, improve competitive intelligence, and reduce digital publishing costs.

Content Digital Marketing

All things considered, its real-time content marketing platform helps content marketers to monitor, create and publish content anywhere. You can:

  • Organize ALL Your Content in a Single Location
  • Track Industry Trends & Topics
  • Identify trending stories and discover new sources covering your audience’s interests
  • Rapidly Create Short-Form Content
  • Recirculate & Re-purpose Content to Increase ROI
  • Build a Contributor Network to Help Curate & Annotate Content
  • Create Targeted Content Based on User Interests
  • Use Dynamic Recommendations to Match The Right Content To The Right Audience
  • Target Email & Social Campaigns To Specific Audience Types
  • Compile Email Newsletters 5X Quicker
  • Post Quality Articles to Any CMS 3X Faster
  • Supercharge Social With Regular Updates & Re-circulation of Owned Content

Besides, you can use various mediums in which you can publish and distribute your content.

In my opinion, be it short-form or long-form content this tool knows exactly what your audience is asking for.

Also, you can use trendspottr to find topics and stay ahead of your competitors.

Moreover, this tool focuses on spotting trending content, hashtags, phrases, and even influencers before everyone else catches on.

And, the creators behind this tool suggests you to share your content in various forms, such as:

  • Listicles
  • Newsletters
  • Web articles
  • Videos
  • Whitepapers
  • Slides
  • Pdfs

Moreover, it’s API works with almost any platforms, so you can output content into any format with ease.

So, get your content marketing started here.

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Get Personal, At Scale.

OneSpot is a data driven way to to distribute and sequence your content at scale and drive business results.

Named one of Forbes’ Top 100 Brand Publishing Technology point solution companies, OneSpot positions itself as the “only content marketing platform that serially delivers multiple pieces of content to the same person, wherever they are online.”

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OneSpot’s machine learning technology automatically surfaces the most personally relevant content to your visitors across channels.

As the name suggests, it ‘SPOTS’ user’s’ activity, interest and preferences and personalize the feed for them. It places your content in a sequence that is most relevant to each visitor across different channels.

Amazing, right?

How it works:

  1. Builds a customer profile based on their preferences and recommends onto what to read next.
  2. Remarket your content across different channels, say, email, web, social, mobile etc.
  3. Personalise content in emails based on user profile.
  4. Drive most relevant users to the content.

Per se, the concept is similar to Google AdWords but this one is fully focused on your content!

For this reason and more, request your demo here.

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Leverage Unified Data and Actionable Insights

SimpleReach is the leading content data platform, providing today’s top marketers with the data and insights needed to drive content ROI.

In fact, it enables marketers to unify all of their content data in a single platform.

Digital Marketing Content

Without doubt, marketers face challenge of leveraging content / data in silos that hampers their content marketing efforts.

With SimpleReach, you can break out of data silos by measuring both owned and branded content, on site and across social channels.

Moreover, SimpleReach offers actionable insights that empower customers to improve the return on their content investments, using cutting-edge machine learning and Artificial Intelligence Techniques.

Above all, it helps marketers to make adjustments in future campaigns and publishers to create campaign dashboards for programs to make improvements and report to clients.

Ultimately, elevate your content marketing by signing up here.

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Do you want to give your content more oomph?

Then, try Atomic AI.

First, this easy-to-use tool from Atomic Reach analyzes your content and tells you how big an impact it’s going to have.

Even so, it tells you the most optimal times to schedule your content and meet the needs of your audience.

Social Media Marketing Blog

From what you should be writing to what,where and when to publish , this tool tells you exactly how content marketing should be done.

Atomic AI provides real time feedback in all of your writing environments, increasing engagement with your audience.

First and foremost, an intelligent writing platform with real-time, insights-based feedback to maximize content performance.

  • Your Atomic Score tells you when your article is ready to be published.
  • Tailor your content based on the needs of your audience.
  • Audience-targeted editorial workflow to optimize style, structure and language.

Also, you can add their extension to chrome while writing your article as it give you a real-time feedback on the readability of your content!

So, use it within your Chrome browser on documents, social media, Gmail and more.

In the first place, it looks at over 20 different factors to come up with a rating between 0 and 100, and then gives you useful advice on how to improve different areas of your content.

Furthermore, you can also choose the level of your audience—from general to specialist, academic, or even genius – and the tool will tell you about the complexity of your content!

Next, get started for free.

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Research influencers, manage your relationships, and conduct outreach that’s personalized and efficient.

No doubt, all of you know how influencer marketing is keeping up its pace in the digital world.

As a matter of fact, promoting your content by the industry influencers can make the real difference to your content marketing efforts.

And, Buzzstream is one of the best influencer marketing and content marketing tools.

BuzzStream is web-based software that helps the world’s best marketers promote their products, services and content to build links, buzz, and brands.

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Moreover, BuzzStream helps you build lists and pitch influencers – so you can get real distribution for your content. You can track and manage your relationships with influencers and publications, along with any placements you earn.

Lets see how it can help you:

  • Builds list of contacts that best fit your content type
  • Sends mail to them from within the tool
  • Manage long-term relationships by keeping in touch
  • Track your link clicks and conversions.

Trust buzzstream to move the needle of your content marketing campaign.

Use it in addition with buzzsumo to see how many shares and tweets you received from that particular influencer.

Get group, professional and custom pricing plans for yourself here.


So, I have explained top 10 content marketing tools in this blog post that can (if leveraged properly) help you upscale your content marketing efforts efficiently.

Meanwhile, if you can implement one of the content marketing tools shared in this list, you can easily achieve your content marketing objectives.

Are you ready to start implementing these content marketing tools in your content marketing strategy? 

What content marketing tools has your business found the most effective?

Are there any other content marketing tool(s) that should be added to this list? 

Share your experience after trying these Content Marketing tools and how did it improve your content marketing performance.

Finally, let me know in the comments section below or tweet me @iamnitinmalik.


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