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10 Social Media Marketing Tools the Experts Use

In this world, there are two types of people: winners and losers.

This applies to social media marketing too.

There are some people who rock the social media world with their engaging conversations by weaving interesting stories around their brands.

Then, there are (lots of) people who real suck at social media marketing.

Forget rocking the social world with great engagement, they even fail to get noticed within their niche industry.

‘My Social Media Marketing Sucks…What To Do?’, they may say.

Did you ever think why some people are so good at social media marketing and others don’t?

Did you ever give a thought why this happen?

Social Media Marketing Tools

My answer is:

Beside the industry knowledge, content & design quality, and promotion, one things that also makes a big difference is the use of right social media marketing tools.


The winners use the automation in big way to amplify their social media marketing efforts.

Losers keep posting, monitoring and tracking their social media marketing manually.

And that literally take the wind out of their social media marketing growth.

Therefore, I strongly recommend you to start using modern social media marketing tools.

By using these social media marketing tools, you can effectively run your social media campaigns to find better content, schedule, post, share, measure and analyse to get better traction on social media.

There are lots of great social media marketing tools that can help you take your social media marketing to next level.

However, it’s difficult to find the right tools to manage and optimize social posts.

Are you keen to discover which social media marketing tools you should choose for your brand?

In this article, I’ll share top 10 social media marketing tools which are being used by experts and why you should use these social media marketing tools to take your social media marketing to the next level.

Keep up-to-date with these tools to oomph your social media strategy by a notch.

Here is My List of Social Media Marketing Tools.

Let’s dive-in:


Buffer is one of the brilliant software application for the web and mobile, that helps in managing multiple social media account at same time.

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Buffer can schedule and send posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, App. and Google+.

Any link, text, picture or video you want to share, just add it to your Buffer.

Your updates will automatically be scheduled and spaced out throughout the day to post to your favorite social networks.

Plus, you can custom schedule or “post now” right inside the app.

The app offers a user various time slot according to time when social media user are most active,

But a user can not edit the predefined time slot.

Buffer also carry a great feature that provides analytics of their social media posts like – Clicks, likes, retweets etc.

Buffer App is very handy and offers you OTG (on-the-go) service as it is available on PC (Browsers – Chrome, Mozilla etc.) as well as on Mobile (Android and iOS).

Why You’ll Love Buffer:

• Share to multiple Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest boards from one place.

• Get analytics for each update you share: Clicks, Retweets, Repins, Likes, Shares, Mentions and more.

• Schedule your posts automatically so you never have to worry about setting a time and date. Just hit “Buffer”.

• Schedule your posts using a Custom Time to schedule for specific events or campaigns.

• Share from all of your favourite apps using Android’s “Share to” feature, including scheduling native re-tweets from Twitter, Tweetbot & more!

Buffer also offers you some paid features which are value for money and worthy for spending money, features include -: 100 social media posts at a single time, upto 10 social media accounts, analytics for a duration of period and much more.

Free Plan Features:

• Connect up to 4 Social Accounts

• 10 scheduled posts per profile

Awesome Plan Features:

• Have up to 100 posts in your Buffer.

• Connect up to 10 Social Accounts.

• RSS feed integration

Small Business Plan Features:

• 25 Connected Social Accounts

• 5 Team Members & Contributions Feature.

• 2,000 scheduled posts per profile

• RSS feed integration

• All standard Buffer features & Awesome Plan features.

Buffer is the app which is growing rapidly due to its decent services and fascination results.


Social Intelligence to help you reach the right people.

As the name suggests, Simply Measured measures your content and provide you with insights that are easy to understand and simple to put.

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With Simply Measured, you can find new audiences and influencers to extend your reach. It’s easier to know who is talking about your brand, what they are saying, and where they are saying it.

Simply measured helps you track the conversions that you made through your social.

Besides, get insights on what, where, and when to post for increased engagement. Save time by automating your reporting workflow.

You can drive more traffic with your social posts by analyzing onsite activity and URL sharing.

Simply Measured helps you increase the impact of social on conversions by analyzing leads, purchases, revenue, and more from social.

This tools comes with three variations:

So basically any kind of social tracking or measurement, you are set!

With social intelligence at your fingertips this easy and handy, I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one.


Make smarter, faster and more efficient social engagement.

Quick replies to mentions, monitoring social media, marketing social plans, joining social conversations or starting one… aren’t we talking about management?

Social media management in this case!

Sprout social is basically a tool that helps you with efficient management and communication of your whole digital presence.

Nitin Malik

Sprout helps brands communicate with customers on social channels, collaborate across teams and measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

Sprout enables teams and users to execute a social media marketing strategy by creating, scheduling and publishing content.

The Sprout Queue enables users to schedule content while patented ViralPost technology distributes content at an optimal time.

Sprout integrates with Google Analytics to provide insight into social media campaign ROI.

Sprout’s reports include Group, Engagement, Team, Task Performance, Facebook Pages, Twitter Profiles, Trends, Twitter Comparison, Twitter Listening, Instagram Profiles and Sent Messages, and incorporates Google Analytics and Bitly tracking.

Sprout’s Smart Inbox is a unified stream of messages that gives users a comprehensive view of incoming messages and actions across their social networks.

This function allows users to monitor, respond and take action. Users can create custom brand keyword searches to capture and monitor all mentions of their brand.

Users can tag and filter messages, assign messages as Tasks to their team members, identify sales leads and mark messages as complete

It provides with you all the capabilities that you have in your niche to engage with your audience.

Bambu by Sprout Social is a platform for employee advocacy that provides employers a central platform where they can add, curate and organize content to update employees about company and industry news.

Employees can then share approved content on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and employers can track the types and impact of content shared.

Landscape by Sprout Social offers a FREE image resizing tool named ‘Landscape’ – that allows streamlined image resizing for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and custom sizes.


So many useful tools within one solution – the only work that you gotta do is to make the most out of it.

Along with, it helps you publish and analyse at the very same platform.

Want best of both worlds? With Social Sprout, you got it.


Today, business is all about doing more in less time!

With growing social media channels like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr, so on… we got to be on each platform to stay ahead of our competitors.

You are a class act looking out for the best interests of your clients,” this is one of the quote that I read on their website.

And it surely will stand true to the point once you start using Social oomph.

Nitin Malik

Social oomph is a tool that helps with scheduling tweets, FB updates, group updates..basically everything, tracking keywords, finding quality people to follow.

SocialOomph contains a plethora of advanced features for effectively automating a wide range of tasks across social media platforms.

The app is capable of managing all activities in Twitter, LinkedIn, Plurk,, and Facebook. It will even go as far as handling your blog activity.

Additional benefits include:

  • Emails can be sent from a user’s personal email account and can be converted into updates across all social media platforms
  • Messages can be removed from a user’s inbox after a certain time period. Unneeded or outdated Tweets and Facebook feeds can be removed through a pre-set schedule
  • Upload tweets in groups
  • Profile filters
  • New followers monitoring

Okay these are only some of the features that I listed because it will literally take a whole post talking about what all Social Oomph provides under one roof.

Oh, did I tell you?

It also helps you with the promotion of your blog – Yay!


Today the question is – To Bot or Not to Bot.

Chattypeople is chat bot platform for creating an AI chat bot on Facebook with integrated Facebook commerce.

It is one of the best platform for Facebook promotions and offers.

With Chattypeople, you can create a Facebook message both quickly and easily, no coding required.

The platform’s simplicity makes it ideal for entrepreneurs and marketers in smaller companies, while its technology makes it suitable for enterprise customers.

You can make a simple bot answering customer service questions or integrate it with Shopify to monetize your Facebook fan pages. ChattyPeople is where f-commerce and AI-commerce come together.

Not only this, Chattypeople supports multiple CMS platforms and business categories, which are:

  • Works seamlessly with Facebook messenger and comments
  • Push your offer or deal to users on demand
  • Recognize variations on your trigger words/phrases
  • Can take order from messenger and comments
  • Integrate with Stripe, PayPal.

Chattypeople is 100% free to get started.


Put your social media on autopilot with PromoRepublic.

The platform helps small business owners understand what specific content to post for their specific business.

So, when to post, how often, what copy, design, call to actions and hashtags to use on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

PromoRepublic will post automatically at the right time and frequency, thus doing the heavy lifting for SME/SMB business owners who really wouldn’t know where to begin in terms of creating and sharing content about their business.

All you have to do is set the time and frequency, and voila!

Then the user needs to make a final customization and approve content for the whole month.

PromoRepublic offers a rich library of customizable templates of ready-made posts!

The platform has access to 100,000+ templates and images and is integrated with Hootsuite, HubSpot, Buffer, and Yext.


Offers Simple & Affordable Social Media Management.

AgoraPulse does almost everything you could possibly need for social media marketing, monitoring, and management.

Nitin Malik

Agorapulse is a social media management tool which allows you to schedule, publish content to your social media channels and get stunning reports in return.

Key Features:

·        Turnkey Facebook marketing apps (Quiz, sweepstakes, Contest)

·        Automatic moderation, real time notification

·        Fan ranking and qualification (download your fanbase in csv)

·        Compare your page with Competitors

·        Measure your posts’ performance

·        Post scheduling

·        Track reach, clicks, leads and measure Earned Media

·        Tag your fans and qualify them

·        Know the best time to post on your page

Run in-store contests, promotions or coupons and collect qualified data from real clients and leads while they visit your store.

The analytics tools found in AgoraPulse are very similar to what you’d find in Facebook Insights.

The difference here is that AgoraPulse’s tools are a lot easier to read.

Being a paid product, you still get a 15-day free trial. You can extract weekly/monthly reports get high-level data with good insights and images.


1 Minute Marketing to Do More in Less Time

Crowdfire has a variety of functions designed to understand your social analytics as well as manage your social publishing.

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With Crowdfire, you can create & schedule great content to twitter and Instagram at best times to engage with your followers but you can also un-follow those who are not actively engaged with you.

Another great feature that this amazing tool provides you is to find the followers based on keywords.

So target those who are most compatible for your business.

As per Crowdfire, millions of small businesses, artists, writers, influencers, sellers, freelancers, and self-employed individuals use Crowdfire to go big on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Word press, Etsy, Shopify and more platforms.

Get started with creating, scheduling, engaging and saving your time in a hopper.


If YouTube is one of the important component of your social media marketing stratgey, then you should try Wistia.

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Wistia provides professional video hosting with amazing viewer analytics, HD video delivery, and marketing tools to help understand your visitors.

Key Features:

  • You can take complete control by restricting where videos can be played and how they look on search and social.
  • Moreover, Wistia videos use JSON-LD to ensure your videos rank for pages on your website, not
  • Create better content by understanding how viewers interact and engage with your videos.

With Wistia, you can turn passive viewers into active audience members.

You can direct viewers to your sign-up page, more videos, or other parts of your website with calls to action.

Wistia analytics gives amazing insight about how your videos are doing.

Its powerful analytics suite shows how your videos are engaging your viewers while they watch the videos.

With Wistia’s video heatmaps, you can see individual viewer insights, summary of loads, visitors, play rate, plays, hours watched and average engagement percentage.

You can even find out:

  • How much of your video has been watched by viewers through color coding,
  • How many times a viewer has played or replayed a video
  • Where a user had re-winded or skipped a video

Use this information to see what parts of your message resonates with your viewers and so much more.

In simple words, Wistia is custom-made video platform for businesses.

It has free and premium video hosting solutions, and supports video creation and editing tools like Soapbox.

Wistia reduces the barriers to better business communications for teams including marketing, sales, support, HR, and more.

More than 300,000 businesses across 50 countries use Wistia, including HubSpot, MailChimp, Sephora, Starbucks, and Tiffany & Co.


Put Your Facebook Marketing App on Steroids.

We all are looking for content that will help us hit among the mass.

Post planner helps you do exactly that.

Digital Marketing Agency Delhi NCR

If you want to get more attention on social media, use Post Planner to FIND, PLAN, & POST better content to boost your reach & social media engagement.

Post planner is a paid tool but surely worth giving a shot with their basic plan for $9/mo.

Post Planner is Facebook-focused app. With its several advanced features, you can take your Facebook marketing effort to the next level.

Post Planner – one of the prominent social media marketing tools available – helps you with short-listing the trending content to post on your social media channel to analyzing what content worked best for you.

The content they provide is pre-validated, star-ranked and guaranteed to perform.

You can search content by putting in keywords, hashtags or even connect your facebook or twitter handle and it will show you content according to your past likes and preferences.

Post Planner is soon coming up with viral videos and gifs posts to help you engage even more with the current audience.

Wrapping Up

There are several social media marketing tools today available in the market.

Don’t get overwhelmed with their vast range of features.

I have explained top 10 social media marketing tools in 2017 that will help you upscale your social media marketing efforts efficiently.

These social media marketing tools almost do everything you need to get on top of your social media efforts.

Start using these social media marketing tools for your running and managing you day to day social media marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing via Social Media

Are you now ready to implement these 10 social media marketing tools?

Share your experience after trying these social media marketing tools and how did it improve your social media marketing campaign performance.

Let me know in the comments section below or tweet me @iamnitinmalik.

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