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Top 20 Influencer Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without in 2022

Are you tired of same cliched marketing?

Are you too fighting for eyeballs?

If yes, then this news might be of interest to you.

Recently Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar joined professional networking website LinkedIn as a LinkedIn Influencer.

He is believed to be the first cricketer in the world to join the league of over 500 global influencers on the professional network.

What makes it relevant for you?

This indicates that, in past 2 years, Influencer marketing has been gaining strength in the digital world. Influencer  are changing the way brands engage their customers.

Even Google Trends confirm this:

Searches for the term ‘Influencr Marketing’ increased by a factor of seven over the past 18 months.

This also establishes the fact that the influencer marketing is in its early phase and people are still learning about Influencer marketing.

For those are totally new to Influencer marketing, I have written a detailed Influencer Marketing FAQs blog post few weeks back which can help you get answers to most common frequently asked questions about Influencer marketing.

Who are these influencers?

Let’s see with the help of a LinkedIn Influencer profile example:

20 Influencer Marketing Tools


Here is a snapshot of another normal (non-influencer) LinkedIn profile:

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Can you spot the difference?

Guy Kawaski has a whopping 2.3 Million followers on his LinkedIn profile with a high engagement rate.

LinkedIn also provides a provision to apply for being LinkedIn influencer. You can learn about it here.

And not only LinkedIn, but all the other social media channels welcome these influencers on their channels.

You should decide where your brand’s target audience roams and catch your industry influencers right there.

Why Influencer marketing is trending:

  • 84% of marketers now use influencer marketing as a tactic.
  • 59% of marketers planned to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2016.
  • 31% of high-growth firms now have a formal employee advocacy program in place.

Source: Onalytica

Though Influencer marketing looks a great way to promote your brand and engage your target audience, yet it’s not easy to find the right influencers in your industry who can help you get the most out of influencer marketing.

Your ability to find the right influencers is going to determine how successful your influencer marketing campaign will be.

And trust me, it’s not going to be easy.

If you have tried it on your own, you must know that how tough it is to get a bunch of influencers to speak for you.

Moreover, finding an influencer is just the first step of the whole game.

There are further many important steps to make the influencer marketing strategy work.

But if you have the right way and right influencer marketing tools to target these influencers, it can be your cup of tea.

With these influencer marketing tools, marketers don’t just find the right influencers but also discover the trending content and track the campaign success effectively.

Are you ready to improve your influencer marketing campaigns with the best influencer marketing tools?

If answer is a resounding YES, then this blog article can help you.

As influencer marketing is the modern way of marketing so let’s checkout some influencer marketing tools that will definitely help you to reach out to your target audience with the help of industry influencers.

Influencer Marketing Tools

I have compiled a list of top 20 must-have influencer marketing tools to take your influencer marketing to the next level. Some of the tools covered in this list might do similar thing with some unique features.

Here it goes:


Total Visits: 1.537M/Month

FireShot Capture 013 Influencer Marketing Platform for Brands Agencies Affable 1 Nitin Malik

Affable is an AI platform for data-driven influencer analytics and campaign management. Leading brands like Huawei, Chanel, Estee Lauder, AirAsia, Swarovski etc. use Affable’s self-service platform to streamline their influencer campaign planning and execution, right from finding most relevant influencers to measuring their impact.

If you are currently managing Influencer Marketing campaigns manually over excel-files and DMs, Affable’s end-to-end influencer marketing platform can help you streamline your entire influencer marketing process.

Marketing teams can seamlessly optimize their campaigns for max ROI using Affable’s deep demographic insights. Affable tracks 3M+ influencers globally across various social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok etc.

Here’s how you can benefit from using Affable:

1. Find authentic & relevant influencers using Affable’s Influencer & Content Discovery

2. Reach out to the influencers using Affable’s in-built Influencer Relationship Management solution

3. Track all the content – including posts and stories on your Campaign Dashboard

4. Create and export reports about the Social Metrics including Reach, Engagement, Impression and Media Value

5. Track ongoing influencer trends on a weekly basis

6. Compare your influencer performances against competitors


Total Visits: 0.766 million/Month


FireShot Capture 011 Link Building and Digital PR Tools BuzzStream 1 Nitin Malik

Thousands of the world’s best marketers use BuzzStream every day.

BuzzStream discovers contact information, social profiles, and site metrics for you. It’s easy to prioritize the most important, influential contacts.

You can browse prospect lists, add contacts, and automatically find contact information and metrics. BuzzStream automatically saves your emails and tweets and lets you set reminders to follow-up. You’ll never lose track of a conversation or project again.

Buzzstream helps you pPitch bloggers and journalists with a full view of your conversation history, notes, tweets, emails, their recent posts, social details, and more.

Build better profiles, spend less time in spreadsheets. You can add new bloggers, websites, and social profiles to your database as you browse the web.

BuzzStream makes my job so much easier. And I love working with the BuzzStream team because everyone from the CEO down listens to our needs and actually does something about them.

– Christian Sullivan Promotions Supervisor, Ignite Social Media

Pricing: Starting from $24/Month, Compare Plans 


Total Visits:0.135 millions/Month

Blogger Marketing

GroupHigh helps you find the best bloggers and influencers, manage your relationships, and measure the value of your content.

They empower you with blogger index, content overviews, contact information and reach metrics.

User can search 15 Million+ active blogs by content, reach, social following, location, MozRank, and dozens of other powerful filters.

The solution offers Powerful filters to segment, organize, and group your influencers and bloggers like never before.

Users have the luxury of pulling lists of content creators by niche topic expertise and funneling them down by social presence, total reach and location.

GroupHigh has helped us quickly identify bloggers, writers and media outlets that may not have been on our radar before, even after time- consuming research. I can find in 10 minutes what used to take hours. 

– DEBBIE WILLIAMSChief Content Officer, Sprout Content

Pricing: Quote on Request


Total Visits: 0.02 Million/Month

FireShot Capture 027 Inkybee – Simple smart blogger outreach Nitin Malik

Inkybee has the suite of tools you need to go into client meetings well prepared with all the information your client might ever need about influencers in their industry.

A suite of outreach tools help you to run successful digital outreach campaigns for your clients

Inkybee offers a powerful search engine that delivers instantaneous and detailed filtering. You can leverage a sophisticated list management tool that allows you to create all kinds of lists including dynamic lists.

Moreover, make the most of relationship tracker feature to record your day to day interactions with influencers.

To find out who is talking about your brand online, use Inkybee’s real-time keyword tracking tool to track and report on mentions of your campaigns across the blogosphere.

With vast set of reporting tools including dynamic trackers and pdf/csv exports, you can monitor, track and measure your influencer marketing outreach program.

Pricing: Free Trial Available, Compare Plans


Nimble is an all-encompassing influencer management tool with a particular focus on the fact that it provides the information you need on a single view.

Nimble automatically updates itself with relevant prospect and customer information from dozens of data sources.


Digital Marketing Influencers

You can get a detailed insight into your contacts to see what they are doing on social and online channels and Nimble will also suggest contacts to get in touch with based on industries and keywords that you identify as important.

The signals tab will even let you see when your company or brand is being mentioned on social channels.

Price: Low-Cost to Mid-Range


Total Visits: 0.677 Millions//Month

FireShot Capture 029 Muck Rack for journalists and public relations Nitin Malik

Muck Rack is your one-stop, influenecr marketing platform that helps you discover and pitch relevant journalists with personalized targeting.

Muck Rack’s mission is to make journalists, PR pros and marketers more successful.

One can build and share media lists easily, and you don’t need to maintain media lists since they’re automatically kept up-to-date.

You can receive alerts in your inbox whenever journalists are writing and tweeting about your company, campaign, competitors or any keywords.

You’ll instantly know who to connect with, which stories you need to get out in front of and the trending news that affects your brand.

“I use Muck Rack on a daily basis. From the alerts in my inbox to check for stories we’re quoted in, to building quality media lists and seeing what stories are being read by the reporters I follow. Muck Rack is a great tool to get my work-life in order. I love this product.”

– Izzy Santa, Consumer Technology Association

Pricing: Quote on Request


Total Visits: 6.78 Millions/Month

FireShot Capture 030 Followerwonk Tools for Twitter Analytics Bio Search and More Nitin Malik

This tool by Moz Followerwonk helps you explore and grow your social graph.

You can discover important influencers on Twitter by topic and location.

Utilize it to build a rundown of potential influencers to draw in and collaborate with.

Key Benefits of using Followerwonk:

  • Find and connect with new influencers in your niche.
  • Search Twitter bios to connect with anyone.
  • Compare Twitter accounts to find overlaps and target new influencers.
  • Breakout your followers by location, bio, who they follow, and more.
  • Contrast your relationships with your competitors and friends.
  • Match your activities to gains and losses in followers to give your followers what they like best.
  • Follow and unfollow in-app to hone your social graph like a razor’s edge.
  • Use super-actionable visualizations to compare your social graph to others.

Pricing: Free for 1 user, Compare Plans


From finding prospects to serving customers, Hootsuite helps you do more with your social media.

You can use Hootsuite to search streams to discover social media influencers by monitoring conversations relevant to your industry

Social media content marketing

You can find out who is your target audience engaging with and whose content are they sharing.

These people have clout that can help your brand expand it’s reach.

Once you have a set of influencers to follow, you can add them to a Twitter list and save it as a stream to easily track what they share and who they engage with—learn from the best.

Price: Free for individuals with 3 social profiles, Free 30-days Trial, Starts with $20


Traackr’s IRM platform is your system of record to manage, expand, validate, and scale your global influencer marketing.

Influencer Marketing

With Traackr, you can:

  • Upload influencers to manage your data in one place.
  • Assign ownership to foster team collaboration across multiple brands and geographies.
  • Track conversations, validate real influence, and truly separate the winning signals for your brand.

“Traackr gives me an efficient way to be involved in the day-to-day conversations with our influential travel experts. I don’t know how I’d manage so many relationships without the tool.”



Monthly Visits: 0.62 million/Month

influencer marketing tools

Klear is an influencer marketing platform that makes it easy to find influencers, research and measure influencer campaigns.

Klear boasts of the largest available database of Influencers by category, location and network. You can interact with more than 700K registered Influencers directly from Klear.

Easily find influencers in any category and location in the world across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Blogs.

Klear’s advanced filters allow you to sift through millions of profiles and focus on those who are relevant for your brand.

Choose the influence level you are after, whether it’s celebrities or niche power users, find the ones with an audience in the location you are interested in. You can filter by gender, engagement levels and more.

Klear also offers free tools like:

“Klear is the best platform to build influencer programs! We used it to identify, interact and measure relevant influencers and were very happy with the results. It is user friendly, has insightful data and a very helpful team!”

-Gladys Diaz, Marketing Manager at Unilever

Pricing: Free Demo, Compare Plans


Monthly Visits: 0.092 Million

Digital Marketing Agency Delhi NCR

Onalytica specializes in providing Influencer Relationship Management software and supporting professional services to help brands scale 1-to-1 Influencer Relationship Management results.

Keep an eye on everything that is said by your key market influencers in this comprehensive and detailed timeline.

Easily surface content opportunities with this feature.

These maps help you understand key relationships between your influencers and lets you see who talks to whom.

Stay up to date on everything that’s happening; topic notifications, content opps and much more.

This functionality provides you with the data and insights you need to understand key online discussions

Onalytica works with Marketing, Communication, Digital & PR professionals to help configure bespoke influencer programs so that they can better automate and streamline influencing activity as well as identify on-going engagement opportunities.

Pricing: Free 7 Days Trial, Compare Plans


Monthly Visits: 1.07 Millions/Month

Digital Marketing Growth Hacking

Mention enables you identify the people in your industry that matter most – influencers and experts who are already talking about your topic on social media or the web.

Find these influencers in your niche and leverage their engage network to promote your content and grow your brand’s community.

You can filter mentions by influence and prioritize your most valuable contacts and reach out to them first.

You can monitor the influenecrs to find out with whom they are working and get an understanding whether they’d work with you too or not.

Get live updates about your brand from the web and social media. Automated reports make it simple to share results with clients, colleagues, and management, so you can focus on more important work.

Pricing: Starts with $29/Month, Compare Plan


Monthly Visits: 2.60 Millions/Month

Digital Marketing World

BuzzSumo has a powerful influencers search. You can search for the key influencers in any topic area or location.

It’s one of my most favorite influencer marketing tool to find the key influencers to promote my content online.

Why it works so well:

Buzzsumo will analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor.

Start with filtering influencers and sharers by reach, authority, influence and engagement. You can follow influencers directly from within BuzzSumo and add them to your Twitter lists.

Monitor what content an influencer shares, review the topics they share most often and the domains they share.

Moreover, export all results such as content sharers, influencers and most shared content as CSV or Excel for detailed analysis and use in other applications.

I strongly recommend to try Buzzsumo to build and maintain outreach lists and engage with key influencers.

Pricing: Free Trial Available, Compare Plans

Crowd Fire

Monthly Visits: 4.71 Million/Month

Digital Marketing Consultant Delhi NCR

Crowdfire is your super-smart marketing sidekick that will help you grow online everyday.

Millions of small businesses, artists, writers, influencers, sellers, freelancers, and self-employed individuals use Crowdfire to go big on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Etsy, Shopify and more platforms.

Crowdfire will bring more traffic to your online shop on Etsy, Shopify, WordPress, and BigCommerce by intelligently picking trending products and creating beautiful posts featuring them. On Crowdfire 16,441,188    CreatorsSellers and Influencers are on their way to BIG.

Pricing: On Quotation


Monthly Visits: 0.06 million

Digital Marketing Agency Delhi NCR

Blogger outreach is widely considered to be the most effective inbound marketing method.

Popular as a blogger outreach tool, BlogDash lets you find your market trend-setters, engage them, and cultivate ongoing relationships with them, all with a few clicks.

BlogDash can help you reach 200K+ bloggers and growing every day.

These bloggers have specifically opted in to connect with brands like yours and help you achieve web-wide recognition.

With BlogDash, you’ll have a list of bloggers to target within minutes, not days.

With a full-featured, intuitive do-it-yourself tool, plus two turnkey managed solutions, BlogDash has made blogger outreach the ‘can’t-miss’ marketing medium.

Pricing: free to $199 per month for the tool; outreach services by quote

Social Cawlytics

Monthly Visits: 0.018 million

Digital Marketing Influencers

Social Crawlytics is a free web-based tool that enables marketers to monitor and measure key social media performance parameters / metrics.

Anyone who has a Twitter account can access it – totally FREE.

People would love Social Crawlytics who are deep into SEO and / or social media marketing analysis.

You can identify the influencers and your competitor’s most shared content, Social metrics, most shared authors, scheduled monitoring and a robust API. You can find out where your competitor’s content is being shared and promoted.

This tool helps marketers measure the effectiveness of the links as people share them in social media networks. It offers some of the very handy tools like social metrics, most shared authors, scheduled monitoring and a robust API.

Monitor, schedule and analyse social sharing metrics in one intuitive dashboard.

Pricing: Free

Monthly Visits: 0.075 million

Digital marketing professionals Delhi NCR is a Chrome add-on to get you relevant insights about people you are viewing online. The information shared is gathered from multiple social sites around the web.

With this chrome extension, you can access more information about your social media connections with the people they email.

You can see your Facebook friends with a particular colleague on LinkedIn, or see Facebook and LinkedIn information from Twitter contacts.

Discoverly helps us tie that all together.

In simple words – you can instantly see detailed, visual social media influence and demographic information for anyone in your social network while browsing.

Pricing: Free



FireShot Capture 031 GRIN The Best Influencer Marketing Software Platform Nitin Malik

Grin capitalizes on the genuine influence of influencers. Its philosophy is that influencer marketing is marketing to the influencer – brands need to build a trusting relationship with potential influencers. 

Grin customizes its pricing to match its clients’ needs. Companies of all sizes use the software, though Grin focuses on eCommerce businesses with integrations into the major shopping platforms.

It offers all the significant features that a top-tier marketing management software should and organizes it all into workflows so that users never get lost. Grin integrates with all the major social media channels, eCommerce software like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, email systems like Gmail and Outlook, real-time communications like SMS and Slack, and Office tools like Google Drive and Office 365


Pricing: Demo On Request

The Cirqle

Monthly Visits: 0.017 million

FireShot Capture 032 The Cirqle ROI Driven Influencer Marketing Platform Nitin Malik

Cirqle is the world’s first verified OAuth platform connecting fashion-, beauty- and lifestyle- influencers with global brands.

By using Cirqle, you can connect with over more than 9,000 influencers across 50+ countries.

This platform includes over 9,000+ influencers, reaching over 325 million people each month, delivering trillions of impressions across Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google Analytics.

Brands receive real-time data profiles of the publishers that have applied for a campaign.

“With Cirqle, it’s not about how well you can write a convincing Media Kit or email, it’s about figures, quality and a positive attitude. Cirqle takes away the complications of self promotion to allow for an easy, stress free application process with clearly outlined expectations for you, and the brand!”

— Rachel Ecclestone, Urban Traveller

Pricing: On Request


Monthly Visits:  0.619 million

FireShot Capture 033 Digital marketing Talkwalker Nitin Malik

With Talkwater, you can find the right influencers to amplify your message.

Leverage Talkwalker as a social listening and influencer identification tool, and integrates with Hootsuite, as well as business intelligence (BI) tools including Tableau.

You can identify the influencers that matter for your needs with influencer performance metrics.

The best part is – Talkwalker is completely analytics-focused.

It offers analytics features for brand mentions, influencer monitoring, hashtag, competitor analysis, and advanced metrics across social media platforms.

“Talkwalker have helped us transform the way our clients do business. We’re able to find insights that keep our clients ahead of the market – whether it’s helping a financial institution find the link between social media activity and reputation or using social data analysis to provide a global fashion brand with the most effective approach for a new campaign.”

Jonny Bentwood – Chief Innovation officer

Pricing: Free Demo, Compare Plans

Wrap Up

I have explained top 20 influencer marketing software tools in 2022 that will help you execute your influencer marketing strategy in much better ways.

Start using these influencer marketing tools for your influencer marketing campaigns.

As an experienced digital marketing consultant, I provide a viable alternative to big digital marketing agency cost and enable you leverage modern influencer marketing tools.

If you’re looking to get started with an influencer marketing campaign, or want to enhance your influencer marketing performance in terms of reach, engagement and ROI, I can help.

Are You Ready?

Are you now ready to implement these influencer marketing tools to optimize your influencer marketing campaign performance?

recent report revealed that 43% of marketers are experimenting with influencer marketing programs. and an even higher percentage claims that their influencer marketing programs are strategic. (Source: Adweek)


Share your experience after trying these influencer marketing tools and how did it improve your influencer marketing campaign performance.

Let me know in the comments section below or tweet me @iamnitinmalik.

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